Rockville Power of Attorney Lawyer

It can be daunting to imagine worst case scenarios, but planning ahead with regards to your estate can also bring you peace of mind. When planning the future of your estate, it is wise to establish a power of attorney, or an agreement for who may make financial and legal decisions on your behalf should you become unable to do so yourself. Assigning such great responsibility to another is no easy task, but a Rockville power of attorney lawyer is available to help. Experienced trusts and estates attorneys could answer your questions and guide you through this important decision.

Finding the Right Representative

Choosing the right person to act as an attorney-in-fact is essential. Even if certain legal documents outline the needs for one’s medical care, there are other areas in life that may need to be addressed. A representative should be prepared to make judgments regarding these personal matters.

An attorney-in-fact must meet the state’s power of attorney requirements, which a knowledgeable Rockville lawyer can explain. A representative should also be chosen outside of one’s medical team, and they should be willing and able to discuss personal and end-of-life matters. As such, they should be a trustworthy advocate for whomever they represent.

Terminating Power of Attorney Agreements

Before granting power of attorney to a family member, friend, or another individual, it is important to understand the scenarios in which the agreement is effective and when it will be terminated. It is not uncommon for someone to change their mind about who they choose as attorney-in-fact. People move to different locations, relationships change, and various life conditions could evolve over time.

The Maryland Revocation Power of Attorney Form allows the termination of previously issued documents transferring authority to a representative. An experienced local attorney could help with the termination process, but it is also wise to consult legal counsel before and during the process of drafting a power of attorney agreement.

Let a Rockville Power of Attorney Lawyer Guide You

When it comes to establishing or enforcing powers of attorney, professional legal guidance is always recommended. Contact us today to learn more about how a Rockville power of attorney lawyer could help you plan ahead for your future.