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DC Trusts and Estates Lawyer

A DC trusts and estates lawyer provides assistance with all types of estate planning techniques so you can develop a comprehensive plan for your future. A simple estate plan involves a last will and testament and healthcare planning, both of which an attorney can provide assistance with. If you want to do more to shield your estate from taxes, help your heirs avoid probate, and protect your assets from creditors, a DC trusts and estates lawyer can provide you with the assistance you require.

Why You Need a DC Trusts and Estates Lawyer

A DC trusts and estates lawyer can provide you with assistance:

  • Determining what issues affect your estate and what should be included in your comprehensive estate plan to best address your unique needs.
  • Drafting a last will and testament for distribution of your assets.
  • Becoming a guardian to someone who is incapacitated or under the age of majority.
  • Creating a living will, using a durable power of attorney to appoint an agent, and otherwise taking steps to ensure you have control over future medical care you receive and decisions made on your behalf if you become incapacitated.
  • Determining if trusts should be established and what types of trusts are appropriate. Perhaps you need a special needs trust to protect a disabled child without putting his government benefits at risk, or a trust to ensure a spendthrift child does not squander his inheritance. Your attorney will explain all your options.

These are just a few of the different services a trusts and estates lawyer in DC will offer. Everyone needs to plan ahead for the future, no matter how complex or how simple their estate is. You do not want to be responsible for disagreements and problems in your family after you are gone, and you don’t want to have to spend your life savings for nursing home care- so you need an estate plan. For assistance with trust administration, consult with a DC trust administration lawyer.

DC Laws on Trusts and Estate Planning

In Washington, DC, many legal rules affect what happens to a person’s property and assets if he becomes incapacitated or passes away.

A trust allows you to transfer ownership of assets while you are living, while a last will and testament dictates how property is to be transferred after death.  If you do not have a will and you have not transferred ownership of property to a trust, state intestacy laws will determine who inherits. Close family members will have a claim to your assets beginning with spouses and children and moving to more distant relatives if you do not have a spouse or child.

Finding the Best DC Trusts and Estates Lawyer For You

When individuals are looking for an estate planning lawyer to help them plan for their family’s future, they often ask or look for the best lawyer in DC – but they may not know what kind of attorney to look for. The practice of law is comprised of many specific areas of law, one of which is trusts and estates.

Washington DC Trust and Estate Attorney
However, even within the practice of trusts and estates, there is no best trusts and estates lawyer in DC. Rather, there are many excellent attorneys with a great depth of knowledge and experience. So, rather than looking for the best DC trusts and estates lawyer, one should look for an experienced attorney with whom one is comfortable.
When planning for your family’s future you will be working closely with your attorney, possibly for many years. It is important to find an attorney you trust and who has the experience to provide advice and guidance. It is also important to find an attorney who is responsive to your questions and concerns, and who will act with your best interests in mind. Ultimately, the important thing is to look for the best DC trusts and estates attorney for you and your case.

Contact a DC Trusts and Estates Attorney Today

You must plan ahead and get your estate planning completed before you become so sick you are no longer of sound mind and body. Call a trusts and estates lawyer in DC today to learn what your options are for creating an estate plan and to learn what your estate plan should include to protect yourself, your assets, and your heirs.

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