Our Community

Our Community

Service can inspire a fresh start, give someone a new beginning, or reenergize an entire community. Don’t let your resolutions fall by the wayside. Attorney Kerri Castellini wants you to reinvigorate your promises to yourself while helping others and improving your community.

Women’s Leadership Scholarship

In today’s world, women have achieved rights that their ancestors could only dream of, and attorney Kerri Castellini aims to further encourage the leadership of women by offering the Women’s Leadership Scholarship. As one who has faced adversity and taken on leadership roles, she values women taking control, pursuing life as a leader, and being an example to others. This $1,000 award will go to one woman who displays and shows leadership in their everyday life. Visit our scholarship page to learn more about this opportunity.

Learn more about our past winners of the Women’s Leadership Scholarship!

2021 Dash Through the Dirt 5K, 10k, & Half

We were proud to support the 2021 Dash Through the Dirt races! These races were hosted by Bishop’s Events and took place on June 6th. Proceeds from this event went towards helping veterans and their families through the EOD Warrior Foundation. For more information about this event and the foundation it’s supporting, please visit our Dash Through Dirt Webpage.

Estate Planning in the Age of COVID-19

People across the country have either been fighting on the front lines of the pandemic or staying safe at home. However, there is one thing both groups have in common: needing a plan for the future. Attorney Kerri Castellini hosted a free Estate Planning 101 webinar for individuals interested in learning how they can protect themselves and their family moving forward in these crazy times. Find out more here.

2019 National Wine Day 5K & 10K

Attorney Kerri Castellini was excited to be a sponsor of the 2019 National Wine Day 5k & 10k at Tarara Winery. Thank you to everyone involved for a great race and for supporting the EOD Warrior Foundation, an organization for active-duty and veterans wounded by the disarming and disposal of bombs. To learn more about our participation, visit our National Wine Day 5K & 10K page.

Bluemont EOD Warrior Foundation 5K

Kerri Castellini was proud to sponsor the Bluemont EOD Warrior Foundation 5K in 2017. Proceeds from this race go to active-duty veterans wounded, injured, or ill EOD warriors, families of our wounded and fallen EOD warriors. We were thrilled to help support such a wonderful cause and wishes to continue in the future.