Examples of Common Estate Assets

Trusts and estates lawyer Farral Haber speaks about the most common types of estate assets.

First Steps in Estate Planning

Trusts and estates lawyer Farral Haber discusses the critical steps when it comes to estate planning. As Farral explains, the administration of an estate becomes priority for a grieving family.

DC Power of Attorney

DC trusts and estates lawyer Kerri Castellini discusses how power of attorney cases are handled in DC. Establishing a power of attorney is a very important part of the estate planning process because it helps plan for issues that might arise while you’re still alive. Where a will outlines what should happen when you die, a power of attorney details who has the ability to act on your behalf if you’re incapacitated for some reason. Granting a power of attorney will give you peace of mind because you will know that your wishes will be carried out no matter what happens. A DC power of attorney lawyer can help you establish a power of attorney so that you know your wishes will be taken care of.

DC Trusts and Estates

Trusts and estates lawyer Kerri Castellini discusses her experience practicing trusts and estates law and the importance of helping her clients achieve their goals and needs. She chose to practice trusts and estates law because she wanted the opportunity to build lasting relationships with her clients, which continues to be her favorite part of the job now.