Rockville Trust and Estates Lawyer

There are many factors to consider when planning an estate, but the process does not have to be an arduous one. Trust and estates lawyers are well-informed on the various options available and understand the necessary formalities. They can help draft legal documents such as advanced medical directives, power of attorney forms, and wills.

If you are considering an estate plan or dealing with probating a will, a Rockville trust and estates attorney could guide you through the process to reach a successful outcome. Trusts and estates laws can be complex, so it is helpful to have a knowledgeable legal professional on your side when considering these important matters.

Areas of Practice in Rockville

Listening to the needs of the estate planner, understanding what is important to them, and crafting solutions personalized to their needs are at the center of a Rockville trust and estates attorney’s work. They can also help individuals in the following areas:


Every estate case is different. Pleadings are dependent on various details, including determining the assets in the estate and confirming whether the will was created prior to the grantor’s death. If an individual wants to open an estate in Rockville, a qualified estate planning lawyer could guide them through the planning process. They will understand the various legal procedures necessary for an effective plan.

Power of Attorney

Granting power-of-attorney to someone means that an individual gives another the right to make certain decisions on their behalf in the event they become disabled or incapacitated. This allows the appointed representative, or “attorney-in-fact,” to tend to important business, financial, or healthcare matters when one is no longer able to manage them alone.


The probate process is necessary to prove the validity of a will and ensure that assets are appropriately distributed among beneficiaries. A trusted lawyer in the community can guide an attorney-in-fact through all the necessary steps to complete probate as easily as possible. In addition to filing the initial pleading, they could assist with organizing and valuing assets, preparing the estate tax return, formulating plans for distribution, and helping someone understand their duties as a representative.


In January 2015, the state adopted the Maryland Trust Act (MTA). This code provides more comprehensive trust laws, making it easier for individuals to create a trust in one state and move to another without being restricted by new laws and regulations.

Maryland still follows the Uniform Trust Code (UTC) rules for determining the administration of trusts, but the MTA mandates thirteen provisions that must be adhered to when drafting the terms of a trust. A local trusts attorney can review these provisions and explain how they may affect an individual’s trust.


Many people delay estate planning because they believe it is a task only for the elderly or ill. Some may think that they have not acquired enough property or are not wealthy enough to draft a will. These are common misconceptions. Estate planning can be valuable for anyone of any age.

However, venturing into estate planning alone or drafting only a handwritten will may not be the best option. Trusts and estates are governed by specific state laws, so individuals in Rockville should discuss the basics with an experienced attorney in the area.

Let A Rockville Trust and Estates Lawyer Guide You

A trust and estates lawyer can be incredibly useful when you are considering the many planning techniques of estate planning or dealing with complex probate laws. Our firm’s dedicated attorneys can guide you through the legal process and discuss all the options available to help you craft your ideal plan. Contact us today to learn more about how a Rockville trust and estates lawyer can assist you.