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To Probate or Not to Probate

By Trusts and Estates Attorney Kerri Castellini I find myself in a number of initial estate planning meetings defending the underdog:  Probate.  Clients tell me that their sole goal for estate planning is to avoid the dreaded P word.  When I inquire further for the reasons in wanting to avoid probate, I receive a litany […]

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Estate Planning for Olympians

By Trusts and Estates Attorney Kerri Castellini The 2016 Summer Olympics kicked off on August 5, 2016.  Until the closing ceremonies, over 500 American athletes are slated to compete in over 28 different sports ranging from swimming to gymnastics, and even table tennis.  The first modern Olympics were held in 1896.  The United States has participated […]

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First Anniversary of a Historic Ruling

By Trusts and Estates Attorney Kerri Castellini June 26, 2016, marked the one year anniversary of Obergefell v. Hodges, 576 U.S.____(2015), the landmark case that legalized marriage between same sex couples throughout the United States. The effects of the case have had an impact on many areas of the law, but arguably, a significant impact […]

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Sumner Redstone: Estate Planning Put to the Test

By Trusts and Estates Attorney Kerri Castellini Sumner Redstone, the 93-year-old American businessman and majority owner of the National Amusements Theater chain, is no stranger to family dispute. For almost a decade, he has been plagued by lawsuits concerning the use and control of his vast wealth, estimated by the New York Times to be […]

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The New Maryland Fiduciary Access to Digital Access Act

By Trust and Estates Attorney Kerri Castellini The Maryland Fiduciary Access to Digital Assets Act (SSB239/HB507) was signed into law by Governor Lawrence J. Hogan, Jr. and is slated to take effect on October 1, 2016.  The law is a significant leap by the State of Maryland to catch up to the digital age. Prior […]

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After the Signing: Caring For Your Estate Planning Documents

By Estate Planning Attorney Kerri Castellini The decisions required throughout the estate planning process can be difficult. Not many individuals revel in thinking how to prepare themselves and their loved ones for a myriad of worse case scenarios. However, most of my clients tell me that they feel a sense of relief and calm after […]

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