DC Probate Court

The probate court is a division of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. It is not located in the Moultrie Courthouse, rather it is located at 515, 5th Street, NW, Washington D.C. There is metered street parking around the District of Columbia Superior Court, Probate Division. Because the court is located in downtown District of Columbia, driving and parking can often be difficult. Someone who must make an appearance there should plan ahead for potential difficulties with parking.

Probate is handled by a number of different persons within the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, Probate Division. When a petition for probate is submitted, it must first be cleared by a Deputy Register of Wills. Once cleared, then the clerks of the court accept payment for any probate fee. A Superior Court judge rules on the initial petition, and issues an order appointing someone to act as personal representative of the estate. In addition to judges, deputies, and clerks, the auditors of the Superior Court review any accountings that have been filed.

To learn about the process of a probate case at the Superior Court, call and speak with an experienced DC probate lawyer immediately.

Filing Documents With the DC Probate Court

The District of Columbia Superior Court, Probate Division recently adopted electronic filing for certain filings. If the filer is a DC probate attorney, he or she is required in certain circumstances to file electronically. Certain filings still are required to be filed in person or by mail. Our firm is conveniently located near the Superior Court of the District of Columbia, Probate Division. Often, the convenient location of our office makes it easier to file pleadings in person when such filings are permitted.

During an appearance at the DC Probate Division, one may interact with clerks at the Registrar of Wills Office, auditors, and deputy Registers of Wills as well. Generally, each party handles different aspects of the probate case. The clerks also rotate their duties so an individual may not see the same clerks if they go back on multiple occasions. Because the court personnel handle so many cases, it is helpful to be as prepared as possible. Go over your case in detail with you probate lawyer in DC and be ready to field questions posed by court officials.

Prohibited Items

There is a security check before someone is allowed to enter the building that hosts the DC probate court. Weapons are not allowed. However, a person is allowed to bring cell phones and computers. All bags, purses, and coats are subject to the security checkpoint.

Dress Code at the DC Probate Court

In many cases, no hearings are required or a DC probate attorney may be able to appear on his or her client’s behalf. If a person is required to attend a hearing on other matters, there is no specific dress code but dressing presentably may be prudent. Appearing presentable and neat at court will show officials that you are taking the matter at hand very seriously. It is a sign of respect towards the court.