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Losing a loved one is a traumatic and emotional event that everyone experiences at some point. When disputes arise among family member or others about settling the estate of the decedent, this difficult time is made all the worse. Competent legal guidance can be crucial to helping make certain that the deceased’s wishes for their estate are followed.

If you are concerned about questions regarding the estate of a deceased parent, spouse, or other loved one, you may need the assistance of a Montgomery County estate litigation lawyer. A skilled trusts and estates lawyer who understands the emotional nature of estate disputes could help by providing necessary legal advice and advocacy.

Types of Estate Disputes in MoCo

When wealth passes after death through wills, trusts, or other mechanisms, conflicts are unfortunately common. Even with the best planning, many different types of disputes can arise during the administration of estates. Some of these include:

  • Questions regarding the validity of a last will and testament
  • Challenges based on undue influence or fraud
  • Disputes regarding asset ownership or transfer
  • Guardianship disputes
  • Issues relating to the actions of executors, trustees, guardians, or other fiduciaries
  • Questions about the forging of documents

Regardless of whether a client is contesting or defending a will, trust or another component of an estate plan, a skilled estate litigation lawyer could provide valuable guidance. Although no lawyer can guarantee a particular outcome, competent legal counsel can help their client pursue their legal interests and seek a favorable outcome.

How a Skilled Estate Litigation Attorney Can Help

A skilled estate litigation lawyer regularly represents executors, administrators, guardians, beneficiaries, family members, and others regarding all aspects of probate estate administration. In MoCo, this can involve cases brought in the Maryland Orphans’ Court (which has primary responsibility for estate and probate matters) as well as appeals to the Montgomery County Circuit Court or the Maryland Court of Special Appeals.

An estate ligation lawyer is well-versed in trial and appellate practice and stands ready to take cases to court when appropriate. When there may be a better or more efficient way to achieve a client’s goals, however, a lawyer can help their client explore those options.

Throughout their representation, a lawyer’s goal is to help clients understand their rights and make informed decisions as they work to resolve disputes that arise in estate administration. A sensitive lawyer also recognizes that they not only have the responsibility to advise clients about complex legal matters, but also to understand the emotional and family issues that can accompany estate litigation.

Reach Out to a Montgomery County Estate Litigation Attorney Today

When you hire a lawyer, their initial goal is to learn about your concerns and establish what your objectives are. Using this, they could then investigate your situation by examing the will or other documents at issue, interviewing witnesses, and taking other actions.

Your lawyer could then set out available options for protecting your rights and pursuing your objectives. Armed with this information, you could then make an informed decision about actions to take and have your lawyer pursue your interests on your behalf.

If you have concerns about the estate of a deceased loved one, call today for more information about effective and skilled representation in Estate Litigation from a Mongomery County trusts and estates lawyer.

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