Maryland Civil Litigation Settlements

A settlement is a resolution of a dispute. In a settlement, the opposing parties reach an agreement on the issue at hand. A settlement can be made to avoid trial or during a trial. For more information about Maryland civil litigation settlements, reach out to a seasoned lawyer today. An experienced civil litigation attorney could help you understand the pros and cons of a settlement and when a settlement offer is the right one for you. Call and schedule a consultation.

Structured Settlements

A structured settlement is typically one that is a large payment being made from one party to the other over time and is not being paid in a lump sum. There are specific rules depending on who is involved in the structured settlement. For instance, the court may need to approve it first, especially if the civil litigation involves minors. The structured settlement is basically a way of allowing the payee to make their payment to the other party over time.

Benefits of a Settlement

One of the benefits of a settlement is that it resolves the dispute at hand. It also gives the parties control of the terms of the settlement at it does not place them at the whim of the judge or jury. Going to trial can be a big risk for the plaintiff as they may lose out on the opportunity to recover any compensation. Maryland civil litigation settlements are a more cost-efficient manner than having to pay an attorney to go through the entire judicial process to end up with a judgment. Another benefit to a settlement is that it usually results in everyone feeling relieved that the matter is finally over.

Downsides of a Settlement

The downsides of a settlement are that sometimes people feel a little less content or vindicated because they rarely will get 100 percent of what they asked for. They believe they give up being able to get 100 percent of their claim in exchange for the certainty of settlement. Sometimes the negotiation process of a settlement is difficult and the other side is unwilling to make a fair offer to the plaintiff. This is why it is important for an individual to obtain an attorney who is experienced in negotiating a successful settlement.

How an Attorney Would Evaluate a Settlement Offer

A lawyer will evaluate a settlement offer by comparing what the plaintiff will get in the settlement versus the likelihood of what they will get at the outcome of the case. In every case that goes to trial, the span of what an individual can get ranges from zero up to 100 percent of what they feel like they deserve. Therefore, the person has to figure out where they are on that scale. If they believe they are closer to getting 100 percent, then the lawyer must weigh that against the settlement that is being offered. Then they have to consider the costs of what it would take to get to trial and recover the full compensation. By working with a civil litigation lawyer, the plaintiff will have someone who could look out for their best interests throughout the process.

A Lawyer Could Assist With Maryland Civil Litigation Settlements

A lawyer evaluates an individual’s case by using their experience in similar cases. A civil litigation attorney understands this particular area of law and could advise you on what your legal options are. After investigating the facts of the case, the lawyer could inform you on whether your case is strong or not. If you are in the midst of a civil dispute, consult with a dedicated lawyer who has experience helping individuals with Maryland civil litigation settlements.