Holographic Wills in DC

In Washington, DC a will is a legal document that details how a decedent wants their estate and assets to be managed or dealt with after their death. This document is crucial in making sure that a decedent’s wishes are taken into consideration after their death.

Holographic wills in DC are wills written in the hand of the testator. A testator is the person who the will belongs to. They are often not typed and are very difficult to get admitted into probate depending on how the will is written. They are different because a will is usually a typed document that the person signs; whereas a holographic will is one that is handwritten in the testator’s sole hand and signed by the testator. It is may be prudent to have a last will and testament prepared, attested to, and witnessed with the assistance of a DC wills attorney.

How DC Deals with Holographic Wills

The answer to how Washington, DC deal with holographic wills is that it depends on how the document was written and executed. Holographic wills can be a bit of an issue to initiate an estate proceeding. With a will is properly drawn up and executed, it is much easier to open an estate in the District of Columbia. It may be necessary for a holographic will to go through a more complex probate proceeding. It could require additional publication in newspapers and additional hearings to have the will admitted. In the event the holographic will is not recognized, the District of Columbia Laws of Intestacy would take place. A holographic will can be sometimes questionable as to whether the terms the person wrote will be honored. If they have a will that was properly drafted, witnessed, and executed, there is a better chance that their wishes for the distribution of their assets at their death will be recognized.

Proceedings for Holographic Wills

What’s different about a holographic will is that sometimes the District of Columbia requires the will to go through a standard probate proceeding, which essentially is a more complicated way of having somebody appointed personal representative of an estate. It requires additional notices and it can also require a hearing. Someone having trouble dealing with the proceedings of a holographic will should speak with a DC wills attorney as soon as possible to discuss how to handle any issues that may pop-up.

Why Hire a DC Wills Lawyer

Having a lawyer with experience and knowledge by your side will help make the process move more smoothly. They will be by your side to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If there are multiple parties mentioned in a decedent’s will, things may get complicated, especially if another party contests the will. Again, should something like that happen, it is advisable to retain a wills lawyer in DC who knows how to handle such situations; who knows how to speak with other parties and obtain a favorable outcome for those involved. Call today and schedule a free initial consultation as soon as possible.