Background and Passion for Trusts and Estates

I wanted to be an attorney so that I can be of service to others when they are most in need. I have the opportunity to assist individuals and families as they are planning for the future. I am also available to assist people during difficult times, like experiencing the loss of a loved one. My practice area is unique. I can develop relationships with families and see them through major life events, like marriage, having children, buying a new home, and retiring and planning for future generations.

Law School

Within my first year of law school, I knew that I was interested in trusts and estates because I liked the definitiveness of the content. Estate planning can be like a logic problem. I take a set of laws, and match them with the goals of my client, to create a comprehensive estate plan. I also enjoy the opportunity to work with clients and getting to understand their family dynamics.

What is “Trusts and Estates”?

My work involves drafting last wills and testaments, powers of attorney, medical powers of attorney, medical directives, and trusts. I work closely with families when they experience the loss of a loved one, by advising them with the administration of the estate and trust.  I also assist clients with seeking guardianships for incapacitated adults and minor children.

I handle estate planning and estate administration. I also work on cases involving guardianships for minors and incapacitated adults. Generally, that means I assist clients plan for the future of their families, and the assist in the implementation of the plan after the death of a client.

Kerri’s Passion for Trusts and Estates

My passion for trusts and estates arises from the relationships I have with individuals and families that often spans multiple generations. I have the privilege of assisting families as they plan for their future. Sometimes this happens when the family is in good place, but I also can be a support to families when they have lost a loved one.

My job also allows me to be creative. I employ problem solving techniques to create unique plans for individuals or a family that best suit their needs. I apply existing law in a way that helps clients feel more secure as they go about their everyday lives. I use my drafting skills to craft individualized plans that best expresses the wishes of the family, contemplate the applicable laws and taxes, but are also efficient from an estate administration perspective.

I really enjoy figuring out the moving parts of different cases, such as the tax law, the probate administration, the family wishes, and the family dynamics. I like the challenge of putting it all together to come up with a plan that is both efficient and practical and that fits each family. My ultimate goal is that a client understands what their plan does and it is as efficient as possible given the clients’ goals, family dynamic, and nature of their assets.