Maryland Commercial Litigation Lawyer

Issues affecting a person’s business and finances can be very complex. Even small, one-person companies rely on contracts, the proper formation of a business entity, and the trustworthiness of other parties to successfully run their day to day operations.

Private citizens and businesses alike may be affected by the fraudulent and/or negligent conduct or actions of corporations or other businesses. Something as seemingly simple as buying a car or hiring a financial planner can have significant legal repercussions. Anytime that you place your trust or money into the hands of another party, you are exposed to loss as that party may take advantage of the situation.

This can lead to consumers and business owners to file lawsuits involving commercial litigation. These suits may allege fraud, breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty or other consumer claims.

A Maryland commercial litigation lawyer could work with companies or independent citizens to help them understand their rights under the law and to pursue at-fault entities in court. Call today to learn more about how an experienced trust and estate attorney could help.

Examples of Cases Handled by Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Transactions governed by Maryland’s commercial laws are more prevalent in our day-to-day lives than they at first may appear. In its simplest sense, even buying an item from a grocery store is a commercial transaction. The seller of the item and the buyer essentially enter into a contract to exchange the item for cash. While this is rarely the subject of a lawsuit, this example is helpful to understand the main area of commercial litigation law.

A breach of contract is a prime example of the type of civil lawsuits heard by Maryland’s courts. Every business relies on contracts to obtain goods, provide services, and to hold the other party responsible for their end of the bargain. Because contracts are enforceable, either party may petition a court to require the other party to perform their obligations under the contract. A seasoned commercial litigation attorney in Maryland could help businesses and individuals to pursue lawsuits alleging breach of contract.

Experienced lawyers also handle other types of disputes between companies. Many companies specialize in handling client funds or property or enter into special relationships with their customers which obligate the company to take extra care in the transaction. These companies assume fiduciary duties to their clients to handle their property in the way that best benefits the client and to be fully candid with their customer about the property or the transaction. Any failure to uphold these duties may justify claims for breach of fiduciary duty.

What Remedies Can a Plaintiff Seek in a Commercial Litigation Lawsuit?

Disputes that concern the interactions between businesses and other parties may be classified as civil lawsuits. An aggrieved individual cannot demand that a court place a defendant in jail but instead must demand either a cash payment or the full execution of a contract.

For example, if Mr. A agrees to sell Mrs. B a box of nails for $50, this counts as a contract. If Mrs. B never pays Mr. A the $50 following delivery of the box, Mr. A can allege that Mrs. B breached their contract. Mr. A can ask a court to require Mrs. B to pay the $50.

While this is a very basic example, the example serves to illustrate one of the types of cases Maryland’s civil courts resolve.

Statute of Limitations

Regardless of which remedy a plaintiff seeks in their commercial litigation, they must be sure to adhere to the court’s rules. One of these rules is the statute of limitations, which is a rule which sets forth when a party has to bring a claim.

In general, Maryland Court and Judicial Proceedings Code §5-101 states that a civil action must commence no more than three years from the date of the injury. However, depending upon the specific nature of the case, a different time period may apply.

A Maryland commercial litigation lawyer could help individuals to identify the proper cause of action for their case and to file a complaint within the allotted time.

How a Maryland Commercial Litigation Attorney Could Help

Disputes between commercial entities or between individuals and companies can have an immense impact on a person’s future. Many of these business dealings involve thousands if not millions of dollars and wrongdoing in the transaction could be devastating for the foreseeable future.

Whenever a person or company fails in their obligations to another party, that party may be able to recover compensation through commercial litigation. This can include suing for breach of contract, fraud, or a breach of fiduciary duty.

A Maryland commercial litigation lawyer may be able to help. They work to investigate claims of wrongdoing, to gather vital evidence, and to present cases in court with passion and strength. Contact an attorney today to discuss your case.